Age Calculator

There are many age calculators available on the internet. But this age calculator is quick and easy because it will help you find out your exact age.

The person’s Age can be calculated from their birth date. There are 365 days in the year. You need to check your Age by selecting your date of birth. This calculation will help you prevent your exact date from being today. You need to choose your date of birth in the date section and then click on the calculate button; you will get your Age in the result section.

Sometimes, the person’s Age can be different based on the culture. For example, the Chinese lunar age calculation differs from a simple age calculator.

How you can calculate your Age

There are two methods to calculate your Age: one is by adding your date of birth, month, and year, and another one is by calculating the total days. Calculating your date in entire days only then leap year may give you different days in the regular year. In an average year of 365 days and a leap year of 366 days, you can get an idea of how your Age may differ.

How to use the age calculator?

You just need to add your birth date in the age calculator and then click on the calculate button. You will get your exact date there in the calculating section. The date format of the age calculator is dd/mm/yyyy you need to add your dob accordingly.