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How To Calculate Attendance Using Attendance Calculator

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Formula For Calculating Attendance Percentage

The traditional way of calculating attendance percentage is using this formula:

AMA = TCA/TDM x 100

AMA refers to Average Monthly Attendance, which is generally determined in percentage. TCA stands for Total Classes Attended, and TDM means Total Days in a Month.

When we divide TCA and TDM, we get the average number of classes you attended in a month. Multiplying the result with 100 will get you the attendance percentage.

For Example: 

Let’s suppose the TCA and TDM are 30 and 20. Therefore, according to the formula, the Average monthly attendance comes out to me – 20/30 x 100 = 66.67

Calculating the attendance percentage the traditional way isn’t efficient when you have an attendance calculator online. It’s an easy-to-use and time-efficient tool to get an accurate attendance percentage.


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