Chinese Lunar Age Calculator

Chinese Age Calculator

The Chinese age calculator is a unique tool designed to calculate how old a person is based on a different system that integrates solar and lunar calendars. This practice is imperative in the Chinese population’s lives as they are deeply connected with this tradition. Considering various factors such as days, months, birth year, baby gender prediction, lunar months and the Chinese count, this age calculation approach offers a unique perspective on determining age.

Unlike the current international age reckoning system, which relies solely on the solar calendar, the Chinese approach incorporates both the solar and lunar years. It implies that in the lunar age, people are one year old at birth, meaning while being in the mother’s womb, whereas, in the Western system, the age is calculated after the baby is born. Owing to a variable duration of pregnancy, a child’s age is regarded as one year old at the moment of birth. As per the traditional Chinese age reckoning, there is an increment of one year in your age as the Chinese New Year arrives rather than your actual date of birth

Birth Year and Chinese Astrology

Birth year and Chinese zodiac play a pivotal role in Chinese astrology and culture. In Chinese tradition, each year is linked to one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, leading to the formation of a 12-year cycle. You can know your ruling animal or Chinese Zodiac year with the help of the Chinese birth year, which is an important aspect of Chinese Astrology calculations. It is believed that each animal sign influences the personality characteristics and destiny of people born in that specific year. 

Compared with the Western calendar, individuals will be older as per the Chinese Year calendar because the latter contains less number of days per year.