Gaj to Square Feet Converter

In the world of real estate and property measurements, familiarity with different units is of utmost importance. One such conversion that is commonly used across the world is the transition from Gaj to Square Feet Converter. 

About Square Feet and Gaj

Square Feet, commonly used in the US, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia and various parts of India, is a unit of an area of a square with each side measuring 1 foot in the imperial system. Gaj, on the other hand, is a unit of measurement earlier used in South Asian measurement systems, specifically common in India and Pakistan. Gaj is equivalent to one Square yard, whereas a yard is equivalent to three feet. Thus, Gaj is equivalent to 9 Square Feet. 

Gaj to Square Feet Converter Formula

The conversion of Gaj to Square Feet Converter is not difficult to understand. Rather, it is a straightforward process. You must be aware that 1 Square Foot equals 0.1111 Gaj, whereas 1 Gaj equals 9 Square Feet. Hence, the formula for this conversion is:

Gaj = Square Feet/9

Let’s understand with an example.

Assume there is a piece of land measuring 450 Square Feet. For converting this area to Gaj, we need to apply the formula:

Gaj = 450/9 = 50 Gaj

Hence, after conversion, we get that the area of 450 square feet is equivalent to 50 Gaj.

However, to convert from Gaj to Square Feet,  you will have to multiply it by 9.

Real-time Applications and Advantages

  • Real Estate Implications

Understanding Gaj to Square Feet Converter conversion is beyond the numbers, playing a pivotal role in the dynamics of real estate dealings. As in some regions, land or property prices are often quoted in Gaj, which is a standard measurement unit, knowing how to convert these measurements assists in making informed decisions in terms of property assessments, transactions and negotiations.

  • Land Construction and Planning

For developers and urban planners, converting Gaj to Square Feet Converter assists in assessing the appropriate size of land required for projects. It implies that it results in comprehensive planning in addition to ensuring accurate estimations for land acquisition and development.

  • Architectural Design 

When homeowners plan renovations or construct new homes, they can benefit from this land measurement conversion. It aids them in visualizing space in a better way and assists in making decisions related to room sizes, landscaping and aesthetically pleasing layout.

While purchasing an apartment, ensuring that the square footage mentioned by the developer or seller verbally is correct or not is of paramount importance. Although the sizes of homes are calculated using laser devices these days, it is better to be cautious and do your due diligence to avoid property fraud.

Equating Gaj and Square Feet


  • As we know 1 Sq. Ft. is equal to 0.11 Gaj, so we simply need to multiply the Square Feet value by 0.11 if we want to convert Gaj to Square Feet Converter.

    Let’s understand this with an example.

    • 10 Sq. Ft. = (10 × 0.11) Gaj

    10 Sq. Ft. = 1.1 Gaj 

    • 100 Sq. Ft = (100 × 0.11) Gaj 

    100 Sq. Ft =  11.21 Gaj 

    Typical conversions from Gaj to Square Feet Converter are as follows:


    Square Feet (Sq. Ft.)













    Gaj to Square Feet Converter is a straightforward approach to convert any value in Gaj to Square Feet Converter. You are required to enter the Square Feet value into the input box, and then the system will automatically calculate the Gaj value, resulting in time-saving, efficiency and accuracy.

gaj to sqft conversion value

GajSquare Feet (sqft)
1 square feet is equal to9 square feet
2 square feet is equal to18 square feet
3 square feet is equal to27 square feet
4 square feet is equal to36 square feet
5 square feet is equal to45 square feet
6 square feet is equal to54 square feet
7 square feet is equal to63 square feet
8 square feet is equal to72 square feet
9 square feet is equal to81 square feet
10 square feet is equal to90 square feet
100 square feet is equal to900 square feet
150 square feet is equal to1350 square feet
200 square feet is equal to1800 square feet
300 square feet is equal to2700 square feet
400 square feet is equal to3800 square feet
500 square feet is equal to4500 square feet
600 square feet is equal to5400 square feet
700 square feet is equal to6300 square feet
1000 square feet is equal to9000 square feet
1200 square feet is equal to10800 square feet
1500 square feet is equal to13500 square feet